Job description
Too Good To Go is a one year old company, we have recently won the “Nordisk Råd Miljø pris”, and two entrepreneurship prices. Our concept is to sell excess food from e.g. restaurants, so it can be eaten instead of being thrown out.

Last month we prevented 1000.000 meals from getting thrown out, and thereby saved the environment a lot of resources.We are moving from our current setup, to a new docker based system on AWS, and therefore we need a Dev Ops who have experience with AWS (EC2, EC2 Container Service, S3, IAM etc). The components of the system are:- Docker containers- Elastic Search Database- RabbitMQYou should have a good understanding of security and performance implications, and you should know how to monitor and track the health of the system.When time allows you should be able to help out with development in form of either php or web development (html, css, js)You will be given a lot of freedom for solving your tasks, and you will have plenty opportunity to set your personal touch on the product.We offer a workplace with a high degree of freedom, where you can influence the working environment and our products.
We are currently based in Bagsværd, and have acces to our own garden, a lake and a forest where we can ride mountainbikes etc.

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